Privacy Policy

We aim to give the privacy that our clients deserve for. Without intimating our customers, or without taking permission from the users, we never give their personal data to anyone, for any reason. This section intends to provide information about ways to collect data, implementing those data, and secure platform for user data. The data that we collect from our users is fundamental. It includes name, email id, IP address, phone number, and specific information during the payment.


We never use user’s-data, neither we take responsibility if any third party uses the data. As we said, we collect primary data from our users, and those are used for offering them personalized services. If users have any doubts about data collection, service activation, etc. users should never hesitate to call us. Our team will provide an instant answer to your query. If you see any third-party information in our website, do not use any of them, because we do not take responsibility if the third misuse your details.


We collect the necessary data through call or chat. Our experts use these data to offer tailored services. The term ‘materials’ represents user manuals, datasheets, white papers, documents, and design information of the product that we got it from us.


We use cookies at this website with only one sole purpose, i.e., for improving our terms with users through better services. We provide our users the complete authority to turn off/on the cookies at our website.


Our management has all the rights to stop any products or services. This can be done if our authorities find misusing any information of our website. So, depending on the user’s behavior, we keep the rights reserved to take appropriate action.

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