QuickBooks is the accounting software developed by Intuit systems for small and medium businesses. It has been known worldwide for its efficiency, speed, and simplicity and above all it’s after-sale services which include QuickBooks customer support which is always there to help the customers at every step from installation, to get information about any feature and also when a customer faces error like one we are going to talk about in this blog QuickBooks error 61686.  

QuickBooks Error 61686

The users can always contact QuickBooks technical support phone number for all their doubts and difficulties. To run a business is a tedious task and a successful business requires a top-level accounting and accounting requires high precision there are a lot of things that need to be kept in mind before preparing the books of accounts. Tax rates change every day, one needs to monitor cash inflow and cash outflow in the business and there are other accounting standards that need to keep in mind while preparing then accounts. Intuit systems have developed QuickBooks for all your accounting needs at your fingertips. QuickBooks is the most sought-after accounting software among small and large business houses. It has important accounting features it comes with step by step guide to get used to the software and to understand the various feature of the software. With QuickBooks is accounting is easy like never before. QuickBooks prepare valuable reports which give a deep insight into your business which are very useful. The payroll feature of QuickBooks has made preparing payroll easy.

The owner of the business had to spend hours on a spreadsheet to prepare payroll at the starting of every pay cycle and it is a very tiring job because you have to know about all the legal deductions and tax rates calculation of overtime, insurance benefits and medical benefits of employees but with the QuickBooks payroll, it can be done easily. QuickBooks updates the latest tax slabs applicable and makes the deductions accordingly and calculation of overtime can be done easily one just needs to feed the data. So, preparing payroll is no more tiring and boring. QuickBooks is the revolution in the field of accounting and striving hard every day to give its users better services every day.

 QuickBooks has top-level after-sale services which include QuickBooks customer support and QuickBooks pro support number for all your queries. You can link your business bank account with the QuickBooks account to see live cash inflow and cash outflow in your business. QuickBooks comes in three variants i.e. QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, and QuickBooks for Mac. The most famous is the QuickBooks online. QuickBooks has thousands of customers around the world and being added to the family every day. QuickBooks offers a one-month free trial of the software and after that, it’s up to you that if you like the software and find it useful which you will most probably then you can take the subscription of the same.

In this blog, we are going to talk about QuickBooks error code 61686. What are symptoms of this error code, Why does the user face this error code at what step this error code is fixed and step by step guide on how to fix this error code by troubleshooting and using other steps, even if the user faces the error even after trying our steps what should he do next to get the QuickBooks error code 61686  fixed. At the end of this blog, we will talk about QuickBooks Customer Support, QuickBooks pro Support number, and QuickBooks Technical support.

What is QuickBooks error code 61686?

QuickBooks is developed by very care and precision to help the business in there accounting but sometimes due to unseen circumstances, an error may arise an error code is just the reference number for the company to know about the problem. Intuit systems while developing the program beforehand had analyzed what problems a user can face while using the software and QuickBooks error 61686 is one of them. QuickBooks EXEAdapter Error takes place when you try to install or upgrade QuickBooks Desktop software. When the error occurs, it terminates the installation process, and you may not be able to proceed with the ongoing task. Damaged Microsoft .NET Framework.xml file is one of the primary causes of the error that prevents QuickBooks from exchanging data with online web applications. Framework.xml file can be damaged due to several reasons and give rise to QB Desktop Pro 2019 EXEAdapter Error or error code 61686 during QuickBooks Installation. In this blog, we will figure out and resolve the main causes of error. While installing or upgrading QuickBooks Desktop, the QB Installer installs essential components in the first place. Microsoft .NET Framework is one of the required components that need to get installed in the course of the QuickBooks installation. A damaged or corrupt installation of .NET Framework may give rise to error 61686. You will see this error message on your screen that says, “We’re sorry! Something went wrong with your installation. EXEAdapter error: InstallExe method received the system error from the create process.” Moreover, it also prompts that the component store has been corrupted.

Major reasons for QuickBooks error code 61686?

EXEAdapter error in QuickBooks Desktop can take place due to multi-faceted technical issues. Below are some of the most apparent reasons behind the Intuit QB EXEAdapter error.

  • An outdated Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Partial or corrupt installation of Microsoft .NET Framework on Windows
  • A virus or malware infection in Windows
  • Accidental deletion of Framework.xml file.

How to fix QuickBooks error code 61686?

Till now we have talked about QuickBooks error code 61686 what is the nature of this error it’s a description and primary causes for its error after reading about the primary causes of the error you would have already started to think about the solutions but if you haven’t don’t worry in this part of the blog we will give you a step by step guide to fix the error code.

  1. Install QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool: – can diagnose and troubleshoot installation errors in QB Desktop. It can also repair the damage in various components of Microsoft, such as C++, MSXML, and Microsoft .NET Framework required for and perform the procedure with the utmost attention. You will have to download this tool from the internet and will help you in dealing with other problems related to QuickBooks as well as this as an all-weather tool to solve QuickBooks errors and should solve the problem of QuickBooks error code 61686.

If you are still getting the QuickBooks installation EXEAdapter error, then perform the next troubleshooting method.

  1. Old at the end of framework xml file: –
  • Renaming Microsoft .NET Framework can help in the error resolution. To get it done, follow this steps-Navigate to the C drive and find QuickBooks Folder
  • Now find and right-click Framework.xml file and select Rename from the drop-down list
  • Add .old at the end of the file name save the changes.

Try to install QuickBooks once again and check if the EXEAdapter error in QuickBooks persists.

  1. Repair .Net framework on Windows: – If damaged .NET Framework is causing the error, then you can download Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool from Microsoft Download Centre and run it for the error resolution. This tool finds and fixes frequently occurring issues with the setup or update process of the Microsoft .NET Framework. If the QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2019 EXEAdapter Error is not resolved after running the tool, then try the next procedure, which should most probably fix your problem.
  1. Run full virus scan on your system: – Sometimes a device is infected by a virus which protects new programs to install in your system due to which the user faces Error codes like QuickBooks error code 61686. So it is always recommended to have an antivirus installed in your system if you buy your computer and have genuine windows in it then your system automatically comes with an antivirus called Windows Defender which fill protect your system from viruses so if you are facing the QuickBooks error code 61686 then it is recommended to run a full virus scan in your system.
  1. Turn off your virus in your device: – Another reason which could be there for QuickBooks error code 61686  is that your antivirus program is treating a file of QuickBooks as a virus file or a suspicious file due to which that files get missed every time you install the software and you are facing QuickBooks error code 61686, therefore, it is recommended that you turn off the real-time scan feature of your antivirus, Your antivirus might be closed at the moment but it always runs a background scan in your system to guard you against the virus we aren’t doubting the capabilities of your antivirus but it is an innocent error on the part of of your antivirus that it is creating a file of QuickBooks as a virus or suspicion file so, therefore, try turning off the real-time scanning feature and then once again try installing the QuickBooks software your problem should be fixed by now.
  1. Runtime libraries might be missing: – You may receive such messages also MS Visual C++ package which might not be installed properly or completely. These are runtime libraries you might have mistakenly removed a file of it due to which they are not running and causing QuickBooks error code 61686. So, for this go to your control panel> go toad or remove programs in the list of it search for Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package. Uninstall it by clicking over it. Restart your PC go to Microsoft website and install this redistributable package again this should solve your problem of QuickBooks error 61686.

You tried all the mentioned steps to solve the problem but still, your problem isn’t fixed don’t panic there is always a way to solve the problem. QuickBooks has QuickBooks customer support which you can connect to by calling QuickBooks pro support phone number

QuickBooks Online Support: – QuickBooks is known for its best services and best services aren’t complete until unless the service provider doesn’t provide a top-notch after-sale services QuickBooks has multi-level online support To solve all your problems related to QuickBooks be it QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks desktop or QuickBooks for Mac we have a dedicated community, Online forums, Live chat support, Frequently asked Questions, ChatBot and you can also get in touch us by emailing us for your queries we will reply at the earliest. With QuickBooks online support the QuickBooks customer get a valuable response from our Executives.

QuickBooks customer support: -QuickBooks customer support is part of QuickBooks technical support which you can connect by contacting our QuickBooks customer service number mentioned in the heading of the page. They will run a live diagnosis of the problem and solve your problem at the earliest our Executives are highly trained and know all the common problems and their solution beforehand you can always contact them 24*7 for all your queries.  They will solve your problem at the earliest and you will be back at using the QuickBooks software soon. QuickBooks believe in 100% customer satisfaction and a dedicated 24*7 customer support team is there to provide that satisfaction to the customers.

Conclusion: – Error codes are part of the software for unforeseen circumstances and users shouldn’t panic after seeing an error code it no way means that your software is duplicate or software is corrupted it is just a failure on the part of the system which is temporary QuickBooks error 61686  is one such type of error. The customers should contact or consult the QuickBooks customer support before making changes in any software file.


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