QuickBooks is the leading accounting software for small and medium sized business. It has been developed by Intuit. It caters all the needs of these businesses. You can keep a check on your cash inflow and outflow by linking your bank account to QuickBooks account. QuickBooks makes accounting easier and reliable and helps in cost cutting too in your business. QuickBooks comes in Desktop version, online version and QuickBooks for Mac. It comes with a step by step guide to get you with it from installation and till you use it whenever you encounter with any problem you can always connect to QuickBooks customer support. Intuit systems have made a dedicated QuickBooks support contact number.

QuickBooks error code 30159

QuickBooks has everything that you need for the purpose of accounting in your business what makes it stand from other accounting software is that its simple and you can link your bank account to QuickBooks account.

In this blog we will learn about the problem of QuickBooks error 30159.What are the symptoms of this error, what causes this error and how to resolve the issue of QuickBooks error code 30159.We will look into the problem deeply and suggest variety of measures to get done with it so that you can again use the QuickBooks without any hassle and worry.

What is Error Code 30159?

If becoming worried about the sudden arrival of QuickBooks error code 30159 in your QuickBooks desktop software and looking for solution don’t worry you have landed at the right place. QuickBooks error 30159 is the error related to QuickBooks payroll function. It generally arrives due to improper file set up in your operating system. It is a result of misconfigured system files in your operating system.

Causes of QuickBooks error code 30159?

The QuickBooks error code 30159 can bring your product at a sudden halt. It can cause damage to the data of the company and so it needs to be fixed immediately main symptoms of this error are it crashes the system number of times the system runs very slowly. QuickBooks error 30159 occurs due to variety of reasons discussed below.

  1. Incomplete installation of the QuickBooks software.
  2. Corrupted windows system files due to Virus infection
  3. Any programmer related to QuickBooks have been deleted mistakenly
  4. QuickBooks company file is damaged, corrupted or missing.

These are the major reasons for QuickBooks error code 30159. Now that we have understood the problem seen the symptoms of it and the major reasons for it let’s move forward with the solutions. You might have already figured out some solutions in your mind after reading the major causes  of the problem if you haven’t we will suggest you number of solutions and if that solutions also don’t work how you can connect to QuickBooks support contact number which is the part of QuickBooks customer support.

Ways to fix QuickBooks error code 30159

Thank you for reaching this part of the article and reading it from the starting we have till now understood the problem in this segment of the blog we will see the ways in which we can solve the problem.

Solution 1: – By restoring your system: Whenever you update your system it automatically creates a restore point to which you can restore later if your system is not working properly after an update or any of the software’s in your system is not working properly due to the recent update. Here is the full process how to do it.

  • First of all log in to your system as an administrator.
  • Then you have to click on start and then all programs.
  • Click on accessories and then on system tools a new window will come.
  • You will see a number of options there see for Restore my system to an earlier time and click on next
  • Click next few more times until you don’t receive option to restart your system. Restarting your system will make the restore permanent
  • After the restart your windows will be restored to earlier time. Try using the QuickBooks this error should be gone by now.

Solution 2: – Reinstall the QuickBooks desktop. Sometimes due to improper installation of the software this error may arise so it is recommended  that user shall reinstall the software once again to get rid if this error code.

Solution 3: –The antivirus in your system has mistakenly treated one of our files as a virus which led to improper installation of the software try turning off the live scan of the antivirus and then reinstall the software once again the error code should be gone with this step.

Solution 4: – QuickBooks error 30159 repair utility. Search for the QuickBooks error code repair utility and install on your system once installed run it. It will scan your system and see for the possible reasons for this error. Once the scan is completed click fix QuickBooks error. This application should fix your software.

Solution 5: –Disk clean up. The QuickBooks error code might solved by cleaning up the disk in which your software is installed it is a recommended method by QuickBooks Support.

QuickBooks customer support- You tried all the above suggested solutions still you are facing the problem don’t worry the error code you ate receiving is a very common error code and lot of users face this error code. We don’t want our users to receive on purpose but due to some configuration problems users receive it. Intuit systems has designed a very dedicated QuickBooks support  phone number a lot of our highly trained executives are placed there who are well versed with the problem you are facing they will help you from the starting that is from the time of installation till you are using our software.  QuickBooks also has a virtual assistant that can help you with your problem. It also has a live chat support option to help you with the problem and an dedicated online community of users where we reply to your problems. So don’t worry connect to QuickBooks support phone number +1 888-309-0939 for quick resolution of all your queries at one place without any hassle and worries and using the QuickBooks software without any hassle.


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