QuickBooks is Accounting software developed by Intuit systems. It is one of the most popular software for acing for small and medium enterprises. It has really useful feature which makes accounting easy and reliable for your business Accounting is one of the most important thing when you run a business. To successfully run a business it is very important to keep track of all the cash inflow and outflow for which the owner of business has to hire specialized persons for accounting which comes at an extra cost. QuickBooks solves this problem by giving you software for all your business accounting needs. The users can link their bank account with Quickbooks account and make payments using the QuickBooks and user can maintain inflows and outflows of cash easily. Quickbooks is all in one solution for every business Accounting, Bookkeeping needs.

QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 12002

In this blog we are going to understand how to solve QuickBooks error 12002 by troubleshooting, error 12002 is QuickBooks Payroll error we are going to understand  why this error arises in the first place how to solve  the problem of this error through trouble shooting Quickbooks Payroll support phone number and QuickBooks online support.

QuickBooks Payroll feature?

Intuit QuickBooks payroll solution helps in easily managing payroll on its own by the business it is easier and more reliable than the spreadsheet calculator. It is easy to use payroll software and best for new business owners with no prior payroll payment experience. It is easy to get started user can do it all on his own by following step by step guide which Comes with QuickBooks online. It gives the flexibility the business wants and grows as the Business grows there are time saving features to prepare pay checks and prepare payroll tax forms which you can do on your own or with your accountant. It helps in managing time because the business can manage its payroll and finances all in one place. It helps in calculating sick time, bonus time and vacation time for both hourly and salaried employees. You can add employee, update information of existing employees at any time. It helps you track employees worker compensation, health compensation and deductions. Quickbooks automatically calculates taxes upon the updated tax rates which are downloaded in Quickbooks payroll updates.Get started easily ,stay up to date with payroll taxes and  create pay checks easily with QuickBooks payroll feature.

What is QuickBooks Payroll error 12002?

We have discussed above how does the QuickBooks payroll feature helps your business in significant number of ways including cost cutting it is reliable, fast and best out there in the market. However there may be instances when unintentionally some error may arise one of which is Quickbooks Error 12002. Before solving the problem we have to understand why this error arises in the first place. Quickbooks error 12002 is types of Quickbooks payroll update error .It can occur while updating the software or updating the software or updating QuickBooks payroll services.

Reasons for QuickBooks payroll error?

There may be number of reasons for the QuickBooks error 12002 major being

  1. No internet connection the computer is not connected to the internet
  2. The windows firewall is protecting the payroll to update
  3. The antivirus in the system is treating the update as virus
  4. Slow or weak internet connection
  5. Wrong SSL settings

Now that we have understood the problem, reasons why the problem is arising we should now look forward for the solution of the problem which lies in the problem itself in series of solutions we are going to see steps to help you remove the QuickBooks payroll error 12002

Solution 1:-

  • Check and diagnose if your device is connected to internet
  • Open windows control panel go to network setting Check if your internet is working if it is not troubleshoot it
  • Once you get back the connection try updating again the problem should be solved

Solution  2:-

  • Open QuickBooks desktop
  • Press Windows+ R shortcut to open Windows command prompt
  • Enter command INTECPL.CPL press the return key
  • Take your cursor to Program tab and select Internet explorer as your default browser
  • This should help you solve the problem if it doesn’t lets move to our next solution

Solution 3:-

  • Close the Quickbooks desktop application
  • Double click the Quickbooks desktop application while pressing the ctrl key
  • Don’t leave the Ctrl key until you see a prompt No company open in QuickBooks
  • Now go to update QuickBooks desktop in the help menu
  • Click on Update now
  • Once update completes restart your PC
  • Run QuickBooks desktop error should be gone by now.

Solution 4:-

Antivirus and other security services like windows defender run live scans and may treat the updates as viruses so it is advised fo turn of this antivirus for few hours till the updates aren’t complete and once the updates are complete they can be restored.

Solution 5:-

Try reinstalling Quickbooks desktop software and login again with your right credentials don’t worry your saved data won’t be lost sometimes errors may arise in the software’s and lead to corrupting of software’s due to  such errors may arise so it is advised reinstalling the software.

Solution 6:-

QuickBooks Online payroll support it is the drop message service provided by the software you can drop your query and contact information and Quickbooks team will contact you with the right solution of your problem in no time. It is managed by trained executives who are well vered with the problem and can easily solve your query at the earliest.

Solution 7:-

QuickBooks payroll support phone number:- The user can contact Quickbooks payroll support phone number +1 888-309-0939 the executives will hear your problem and issue suggest you the measures to solve your problem and run a live diagnosis of the problem and in no matter of time you can use QuickBooks again for all your accounting needs.


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