Today’s blog is about QuickBooks Error Code 15240, what is QuickBooks Error Code 15240? And how to fix QuickBooks Error 15240.

So QuickBooks Error 15240 is common error which occurs when the user tries to update QuickBooks desktop or while downloading the payroll updates.

QuickBooks Error 15240

If there is a problem in the QuickBooks is shows QuickBooks Error Code 15240: The payroll updates is incomplete or it shows unsuccessful.

QuickBooks Errors 15240 usually occurs due to the incorrect time and date of the system or maybe because of the reconfiguration of the Internet Security setting, Firewall settings.

It is a common problem that the user undergoes if the system is too old or maybe the system is not used for a long time which leads to misconfiguration of the settings of the system.

QuickBooks Errors Code 15240 may appear in different forms, some of which are detailed below:

  • QuickBooks Errors Code 15240: Internet Connection Error/ unknown error
  • QuickBooks Errors 15240 : The updates of the payroll is incomplete or not updated successfully
  • QuickBooks Errors 15240: The file cannot be opened

The main reasons of the QuickBooks Errors 15240 are stated below:

  1. QuickBooks has not been installed properly or QuickBooks is not running as administrator.
  2. The window file maybe damaged
  3. It can also occur if the the date and time of the system is incorrect
  4. It can be caused because of the misconfiguration of the Internet Explorer Settings
  5. If the QuickBooks Company file is damaged
  6. Maybe because of the expired subscription of payroll
  7. Another reason maybe the incomplete or unsuccessful permission of the windows file, etc

Solution for the QuickBooks Errors Code 15240

As the above given description this error occurs due to different reasons, so in order to fix/ resolve the errors, QuickBooks have various different troubleshooting methods.

To resolve this QuickBooks Errors Code 15240 the user has to follow the following steps and stages accordingly

Some of the main troubleshooting methods to resolve the Error Code 15240 are:

If the QuickBooks is not installed properly or not running properly

  • In order to resolve this the user has to locate & select the QuickBooks icon the desktop, using right click, secondly has to run as administrator option. This may lead to smooth functioning.

Configuration of windows permission for installing folders

Follow the below steps:

  • The user should close all the windows related to QuickBooks
  • Go to ‘C’ drive in order to locate the program file
  • Go through the Intuit folder and then right click select on properties option
  • Select Security in the new pop-up menu and then go to Advanced security tab
  • The most important part is to make sure that the owner of the program file should be using the system as user group
  • In order to setup the Owner group, contact the QuickBooks Customer Service or contact QuickBooks Customer phone number

Configuration & verification of the Internet Explorer setting to resolve the QuickBooks Errors Code 15240

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Select Internet Option
  • Open Advanced Menu & go under security option
  • On the popup tab select 0 & SSL3.0
  • Finally click on Apply & OK
Complete the Firewall configuration as a troubleshooting method
  • Open Windows Firewall
  • Select the Advanced Settings on the menu
  • Do right-click on the Inbound Rules Option
  • Click on the New Rules and select QuickBooks
  • Follow the next steps as given in the tab
  • Make sure to select This Program Path
  • Another important files that user should ensure that these files should be allowed through firewall –exe,qbupdate.exe
  • Click on Allow option and the select next
  • Finally stage keeps the file name as per the wish and select Finish.

Above are some important troubleshooting methods to resolve QuickBooks Errors Code 15240.

Contact QuickBooks Customer Service

To avoid all these nasty QuickBooks Errors Code 15240, on should follow the above methods and still if the errors continues the user should connect with QuickBooks Customer service or contact QuickBooks Customer Phone Number.

QuickBooks provides the best technical support for the customer with there well trained & experienced experts to resolve these QuickBooks Errors.

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