We need a proper record of our accounts in order to progress in this world of competition, without proper management of accounts you may not be able to keep a check on the progress of your business and the changes you need to make in your organisation ,you need a proper accounting software  like QuickBooks that will provide you snapshot of your business at a single place .Most importantly QuickBooks furnishes you with QuickBooks Support Contact Number that helps you to call the customer team directly and get your issue resolved .QuickBooks Support Contact Number abridges the gap between the customers and the QuickBooks by allowing them to connect directly hence resulting in the speedy disposal of the issue.

QuickBooks Desktop Customer Support Number

QuickBooks is accounting software which is prominently inclined towards the needs of small and medium sized companies. it is problem free accounting programming that outfits you with a portrayal of your business at one spot which makes your task basic and that too in your pocket , you are given a cloud and an offline  adjustment of the same . QuickBooks outfits you with countless features that contribute a lot in an amazing bookkeeping of your business QuickBooks furnishes you with innumerable highlights that contribute a great deal in a powerful accounting of your business, for example, accepting business payments, paying bills, Performing payroll functions, reminder tracking , linking bank accounts and making automated invoices and you can even make a different segment for your own consumptions too. You can send your documents in a solitary tap it saves your taxes and furthermore makes GST generated invoices.


You can always contact the QuickBooks Desktop Help to convert your QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online .We have a team of highly skilled  customer support who are trained to help you in all the possible circumstances and make your task easy,you always have the option to dial QuickBooks Support Contact number and you can also do live chat with our team by utilizing the QuickBooks Desktop Help, you can always elaborate your queries and get an easy solution to fix it by simply calling the  QuickBooks Support Contact Number not only limited to converting QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online but also but also related to any Queries ,our main motive is the customer satisfaction QuickBooks Desktop Customer Support Number  abridges the gap between the customers and the QuickBooks by providing  them an effective platform to communicate  that is the most  important thing you can always reach us at QuickBooks Desktop Help to get a solution to your queries or else can resolve the query in a flawless manner by contacting QuickBooks Support Phone Number.


In the event that you have to get to your information away from the workplace or need to give clients outside of your organization get to, it’s an ideal opportunity to change over to cloud-based bookkeeping programming like QuickBooks Online. The uplifting news is changing over from QuickBooks Desktop to online is so natural, you can do it without anyone’s help. In case that you stall out, you can contact QuickBooks support for nothing.

This guide will assist you with changing over from QuickBooks Desktop  to  QuickBooks Online, Online.

Follow the steps mentioned here under to convert QuickBooks desktop to QuickBooks Online

1. Examine the Timing & File Size Requirements

You can just import your information to QuickBooks Online within the initial 60 days of the membership start date. You have two choices in the event that you have had your QBO membership for over 60 days:

When you realize you are inside the permitted time frame, you have to confirm the complete the total target count in your QuickBooks Desktop document. To do this, open your QuickBooks Desktop record and press F2. You can reach QuickBooks Desktop Customer Support Number.

2. Make Ready Your QuickBooks Desktop Data for Export to QuickBooks Online

  • Update your information: This is your chance to tidy up your information; for instance, you might need to include or change clients’ or sellers’ contact data.
  • Complete the outstanding tasks: Make sure all ledgers have been reconciled, payrolls has been prepared, and stock changes have been made preceding your changing over to QuickBooks Online.
  • Back up your information: Make a reinforcement of the information document before bringing in it to QuickBooks Online by going to File>Back Up Company>Create Local Backup
  • You can reach us by calling the QuickBooks Support Phone Number

Enter fundamental contact data like email address, name, mobile number, and password to get your QuickBooks Online record set up. As referenced before , a current QBO account must be under 60 days old for you to change over your information from QuickBooks Desktop. In case that your record is over 60 days old, you should make another one, utilizing an alternate email address. Signup for online QuickBooks account and then you need to provide basic company information you need to logout from the QuickBooks online in order to import your data from QuickBooks offline. In case you face any issues while doing the same relax and call us at QuickBooks Desktop Customer Support Number.


Within your QuickBooks Desktop Company, tap on the Company menu across the top of your screen and select Export Company File to QuickBooks Online. In case your QuickBooks Desktop program is more than three years old then there is a chance that you may not be able to update the program to export your data because QuickBooks stopped supporting the old  desktop programs , the next step should include opening company in the new software and the data file will be updated. Thereafter you would be able to export your company from your new version of QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online.

5. Sign In again into Your QBO Account

In the wake of choosing the information to export the data to QuickBooks Online, your QuickBooks Desktop program will open a window for you to sign into your QBO account. Enter your client ID and password to open your QuickBooks Online Company

6. Designate Whether You Want to Import Inventory into QuickBooks Online

In the event that you are dealing with your inventory in QuickBooks Desktop, it is presently esteemed utilizing the average cost strategy. Be that as it may, in the event that you bring the current stock into QuickBooks Online, it will be esteemed utilizing the first in first out (FIFO) stock technique. This may significantly affect the estimation of your stock, in addition to changing your stock technique must be reported to the IRS. Make certain to talk with your bookkeeper before bringing in your inventory. You can call us at QuickBooks Desktop Customer Support anytime in case you fail to follow any of the steps.

  1. Choose company In QuickBooks

Select the QBO organization that you need the information to import from the drop list. In the event that you

Neglected to set up your account, click on the Create new QuickBooks Online organization link.

  1. Now duplicate or Copy Data File

When you complete the online directions for choosing your organization, you should see a notice that the duplicating procedure has started. The time this procedure takes relies upon the size of your file. It could take only a couple of moments for a little document or a few hours for an enormous file.    You will see a notification that your information has been copied. Snap on the Ok, got it catch and log out of QuickBooks Desktop. Try not to utilize QuickBooks Desktop after this point, since any progressions won’t be traded to QBO. When you complete the online directions for choosing your company, you should see a warning that the copying procedure has started. The time this procedure takes relies upon the size of your document. It could take only a couple of moments for a little document or a few hours for a large file.


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