QuickBooks Payroll is a renowned giant in the world of accounting and more than three million customers all over the world rely on it for pay check processing, direct payment deposits, tax reporting, and more. Error 12057 is a common problem that usually occurs at the time of updating QuickBooks Payroll.

QuickBooks Error Code 12057

It can occur due to multiple reasons, like failure to communicate with the Intuit Servers, internet connection time out, computer firewall blocking the servers, and so on. Here are some ideas that will help you resolve QuickBooks Error Code 12057.

Step 1:

  • Close the files of the company followed by the QuickBooks Desktop
  • Update the Microsoft Windows Operating system
  • Restart the computer after the completion of the updates
  • Open the QuickBooks account, and without going into company file, update the QuickBooks Desktop
  • Close QuickBooks after the update and see if the problem persists

Step 2:

QuickBooks updates come with a date of release, and giving the wrong time and date can restrict the process of updating, leading to QuickBooks online support.

  • Close the software
  • Adjust the date and time of your computer from the System Tray or Control Panel
  • Open the software again to try going for Payroll update one more time

Step 3:

Glitches in the internet connection is also a major cause of Error 12057. Here are the steps to address this issue.

  • Go to the Home Page of your Internet Service Provider to make sure you are getting the highest speed
  • Open the Help menu on QuickBooks and choose Internet Connection Setup
  • Choose the second option on the menu that instructs the software to use the internet connection on your computer
  • Select next and choose Advanced Settings
  • Choose the Advanced option on the Internet Settings menu and select Restore Advanced Settings
  • Choose Apply and then Ok. Check to see if the error message persists.
Step 4:
  • Add QuickBooks Ports, Application, and processes in the Internet Security and Firewall.
  • Enable Port 443 and 80
  • Check the Executable files of QuickBooks like QBLaunch.exe, DBManagerExe.exe, AutoBackupExe.exe, and so on

And, hopefully by following these steps your problem will not persist any longer.


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