QuickBooks error code H101 occurs when QuickBooks is unable to communicate with the server. You may encounter this error because of various reasons. Many reasons can cause the occurrence of this error. Following are some of the common reasons behind the appearance of this error:

QuickBooks error code H101
  • Your computer is not connecting with the server.
  • The error may appear if the QuickBooks Firewall settings block access to the company files.
  • Incoming and outgoing communication is blocked.
  • QuickBooks is not able to access the IP address of your system.
  • Incorrect files configuration.

These are some of the causes behind this error. Now, let’s talk about the methods that you can use to get rid of this error. Keep on reading to understand the various techniques that you can try to fix the QuickBooks error code H101. 

Method 1: Verify the hosting

  • Open QuickBooks software on each computer. 
  • After opening the software, click on File and then select utilities from there. 
  • In the case where there is host Multi-user access on the list, don’t make any changes to that. 
  • You can move on to the next PC. You will have to select “Stop hosting multi-user access” icon. 
  • Repeat the steps on each system. 

Method 2: Verify QuickBooks services

  • Open the run box by pressing Windows + R button.
  • Type Services.MSc and press enter.
  • In the services window, search for the QuickBooksDBXX service. 
  • After doing the above step, make sure that the service status is running and the startup type is set to automatic. 
  • Click on the recovery tab and click the drop-down menu for the first failure and choose to restart the service.
  • You’ll have to do it for the second failure, in case it fails. 
  • Click OK to save the above changes.
  • Repeat the above steps for the QBCFMonitorService.
  • Open QuickBooks on in multi-user mode in every computer and check if the error still prevails.

If you are still encountering the issue, you can speak to an expert that helps QuickBooks online support for QuickBooks services. Various service providers may help you in fixing the error code H1010 for QuickBooks.


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