At times, when you are trying to open a QuickBooks file, it might show a common error, which is the QuickBooks error 6189, along with a note that says QuickBooks failed to open the file. And if you are facing such an error message, then don’t worry as it is one of the most frequent problems that every QuickBooks user encounters every now and then. And to help you better, here we have listed out the primary cause behind the QuickBooks error code 6189 and the easiest way for you to resolve the issue on your own. The QuickBooks support phone number is active 24/7 to help QuickBooks users in all possible ways.

QuickBooks error code 6189

So, keep on reading to find out more about the ways through which you can resolve the QuickBooks error 6189. 

What is the reason behind the QuickBooks error 6189?

There are multiple reasons for which the QuickBooks error 6189 can come up. It might be due to several users are created for a single file. Apart from it, a few other reasons that can lead to the QuickBooks error 6189 are:

  • The user is not permitted to assign the QBDataServiceXX
  • The version of QuickBooks you are using is updated or downgraded than the QuickBooks file which you are trying to open
  • The transaction log file might be outdated. 
  • The file might be corrupted/missing
  • The drives required for opening the file is missing
  • The users have logged into the file in a single user mode
  • QuickBooks has not been installed properly. 

So, regardless of what the error is, here is how you can resolve it easily.

To resolve the issue, the steps you need to follow are:

Download the QuickBooks refresher and run it on the system on which it is causing the QuickBooks error 6189 issue. When you download and run this program, all the background processes shall be closed, which may have been causing the error. 

  •  Restart the server along with the entire system.
  •  Download and install the Server Manager of QuickBooks database in your server
  •  Transfer all your files to your hard drive which has been created locally
  •  But, before you follow the last step, make sure that you have a complete back up of the entire directory. 

In case of any doubts, or technical guidance, feel free to dial QuickBooks support phone number and talk to QuickBooks professionals instantly.


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